The energies were nearly suffocating…

Our travels aren’t just about postcard beauty, viewing exotic animals or sampling regional cuisine. We travel to learn about and even “feel” the history that has gone before us. I believe that a certain kind of energy is “left behind” by the people who passed before us — especially palpable when events have been particular […]

This is the life….sometimes

Sitting here in Boone, North Carolina, enjoying the bright sun and cool mountain air — a nice break from the heat and sweat of Florida. On a road trip last year, we found the Blue Ridge has a different feel about it. Sure, it’s still “southern”, but with an edge that also speaks of a more progressive […]

An enigma, wrapped inside a paradox, engulfed within a conundrum

Cuba, people say, is a complicated place. I suggest that’s an understatement. The people, as a whole, worship Fidel Castro. Understandably so…before the revolution, everything was controlled by a few, for the beneft of the few. Screw everyone else. The notion of shared wealth and shared sacrifices greatly appealed to a population that had so […]

I wasn’t kidding about our mountain hotel in Cuba

This was the wing just below ours. Our “hotel” in the mountains began life as a sanitarium — by some accounts, for TB patients. Today, it is one-third hospital…one-third derilect…and one-third party-spot for French and German tourists. It is, shall we say, spartan: That last photo was a shot of the TV screen — the […]

Sensory overload in Cuba

When we were younger (much younger) sensory overload was sometimes the result of artificial stimulants. Good at the time. But today, we prefer natural stimulation. Our second day in Cuba, we got that in spades. Fast forward to the end of the day. We entered the national park high in the mountains, only to find […]

What was so wrong about Cuba?

Folks, meet “Che” Guevera. Along with Fidel Castro, he was one of the bogeymen of my youth. It was the early sixties — shortly after the revolution and smack in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis — and our country was deeply afraid of what was happening with the Soviet Union and its proxie […]


This is our home. Check that. This was our home. Now we are (shudder) homeless. Not in the cardboard box sort of way. Thank goodness we’re still doing better than that. But we are without home. Closed on Tuesday. Movers are shipping us out on Saturday. This was a good home. We designed a great […]

You can’t get there from here…

Typing with an ace-bandaged wrist, courtesy of a fall down a steep wet alley, trying to make our escape from the mountain town of Lanjarone. But more about that in a moment. In New England we have a phrase “can’t get there from here” that refers to an out-of-the-way location that outsiders — anyone who […]

Babes at midnight

Okay, so I’m sitting in Ronda, Spain right now. Ancient — the “new bridge” across the gorge dates to around 1700. Makes me feel young. Going on a horseback ride later today. For now, just goofing off and reflecting on our time in Seville. Lisbon was a little gritty. Our first Spanish city of the […]

“Walking through Portugal”

Okay, so “walking through” is a bit of a misnomer. As you can see, our group was pretty small, so we moved from hotel to hotel by small bus and hiked into the hills from there. We like groups like this: manageable in size and pretty much made up of like-minded people. At least in […]