We really do have it good

Wildlife encounter in the Shenandoah National Park! Well, maybe “wild” is an over-statement. He actually seems pretty tame. We left the Blue Ridge today — had a great time — and entered the SNP. Traffic has largely been non-existent during our trip. This is THE time to tour if you want the Blue Ridge largely […]

Ain’t cigarettes grand?

A beautiful day on the Blue Ridge today. Took a nice hike up into the hills, and as always, was happy when I reached the top. On longer — much longer — hikes when I was young, my friend Bob always suggested there was an escalator around the next corner. He was hopeful. It was […]

Rest in peace, my friend

I lost a good friend this week. At least, I still considered Bob a “good friend.” If memory serves me right, I hadn’t seen him in some twenty years. It had been a couple years since we communicated. And things had certainly grown a bit awkward, as our paths diverged through the years. But Bob […]

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be

No, that's not Cleopatra floating down the Nile. That's my wonderful wife enjoying a traditonal outrigger sail on — or rather offshore of — the magical isle of Maui. It was a typically glorious day in my favorite spot on earth. Sunny. Warm — but not that oppressive Florida heat. And just enough trades blowing […]

Have you seen “Pig Pig”?

Only on Maui… Cute little guy, isn't he? I wouldn't know whether to hug him — or eat him. There is definitely some moral line there. If you find Pig Pig, do you return him…or baste him? I'm guessing “return” is the proper answer. So let's hope he didn't end up as the guest of […]

Shh — don’t tell anyone, but I liked Oahu

Traffic jams and ticky-tacky; that's what I expected of Oahu. After all, Honolulu is notorious for its traffic jams. And the world-famous Waikiki is little more than spits of artificial beaches and wall-to-wall Asian tourists. There's not a lot to like about that, unless you're selling overpriced souvenirs along the strip. But traffic and tourists […]

I’d like to introduce you to an old friend of mine.

We stayed on Oahu recently. First time there, so we toured the Pearl Harbor Memorial. It was eerie, of course. Oil still seeping from the Arizona after all these years. We spent several hours touring the various exhibits and were very impressed with how well it was done. The audio tour is well-worth the few […]

Do you know the chicken you’re eating?

People just kind of rolled their eyes when I told them where Cyn and I were going. It's as if the news wasn't unexpected, but a little unnerving at the same time. A couple of them made me repeat it — just to make sure they really had heard it right. Yes, you did. We […]

Our walk with the St. Croix Bush Lady

I don't trust modern medicine. Don't get me wrong. Most doctors mean well. And our medical system is great at patching people up in an emergency. But I don't think much of its ability to get and keep us healthy. It tends to be a numbers-fixated, one-size-fits-all affair, unduly influenced — and I'm being kind […]

You can’t fix stupid

Cyn and I had a fantastic time in Atlanta this weekend. Well, not quite Atlanta. We were at the Gwinnett Center north of the city — and visiting a farm 3 hours southwest — for a conference on sustainable livestock. No, I haven’t lost my mind. And no, we’re not establishing a commune anytime soon. This […]