Finding a New (Just Right) Home

How much space does one human need? What about one human and a dog? What if half way through the lease someone moves in with you? What if you adopt two cats, what then? This post talks about space. Minimalism in your space, which can also lead to savings in your bill, more traveling, and a happier life. Seems dramatic? Maybe, but it's all true. This is a post about living life in your first space. 

10 Simple Ways to Make Life Simpler

Life has always been and will always be a little complicated. Some people have it worse than others but we all struggle with something. It might be what to eat, the job we have, how to meet our deadlines, or even how to keep a roof over our heads. The goal here isn't to solve those problems, but to make life around them simpler, thereby making it easier to deal with them. Here are ten ways that everyone can use to make life just a little bit simpler, easier.

Mindfulness in Your Workout

Do you want a way to improve the results of your workout while also improving how you feel? Try mindfulness. We've all been there, zoning out to our favorite tunes, show, or book during a bike ride or maybe lift set. Sometime's it's necessary and maybe good for you. Maybe you need to relax, zone out, and work out your stress while running on a treadmill or elliptical or biking on a stationary bike. Yet, when you're too distracted, you lose the connection to the real world, with what you are doing in the moment. You loose the feeling of the workout, the power, and the accomplishment as you get closer to your goal.  As you add mindfulness to your regular workouts, you also gain a few more benefits that we all could use more of. 

The One Smile Movement

The wonderful part of giving our time is our gift of a smile. Today I am introducing The One Smile Movement. It's November, the beginning of a time for giving in the US. Yet, we often find ourselves asking.  Asking for gifts. Asking for help. Asking for food. Asking for awareness. Asking for equality. Asking for change.  While some of these things are real and should have been accomplished years ago, I think it's time we try switching our tactics. Maybe giving is the best way to get.  Through giving, we get fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction. We create moments and awareness. We celebrate memories and enjoy time. Best of all, we get a smile. 

A Frugal Wedding: 5 Sure Tips to Trim the Cost

Wedding lists are all over the internet, yet here I am adding another, why? Recently, I saw a wedding article about how a wedding from 1970 just isn't possible anymore. You can read it by clicking here. This post argues a different look. A look into why, why we need all those things and if it is indeed possible to get everything for less, or do it yourself. It's tips of a sort. Tips on how to ensure a cheap ahem, frugal wedding, a minimalist wedding, or just a wedding away from debt.  This is a continuation of the Marriage series under the Life section of our site. MadMan and I are in the middle of getting married with a budget of less than $10k! You can read all about our engagement, picking a venue, getting a dress, and getting invitations and how to save on each of them by clicking on those links! 

How to Make Christmas Mean More!

It's about to be past Halloween which means retailers will be going right into Christmas, bypassing Thanksgiving all together in some places. That's why, today, before that happens, I am urging you to try something new. This is my case against presents. It's infused with the arguments of other bloggers, celebrities, and humans. Think about it, decide, maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.