The Au Naturel Month: A Minimalist Frugal Challenge

I do my hair and makeup like any other woman, just not nearly as often. A few years ago I realized that I didn’t need make-up and my hair looked just fine the way it was. I’m going to challenge you to go a month with no make up. I also want you to learn what your hair is supposed to look like. Even if you work in a office job. You can do this even if you love makeup, even if you love your hair the way it is. It’s only a month. Now hear me out.

MadDogge’s preferred makeup is Georgia Clay

I’m in college, I work two jobs, and I write this blog. I wear makeup and do my hair maybe twice a month, and it’s usually on a date when I want to feel pretty. I almost never do my hair or makeup to go to any of the above mentioned day jobs. MadMan would like to note that he never wears makeup or does his hair, like ever.

A few years ago I used to spend an hour or more putting on makeup and doing my hair.  I had ten or more kinds of hair product in my bathroom and a huge tin of makeup. One day, I got tired of having to get up so much earlier than MadMan just to “get pretty”. I threw all my hair supplies away and got rid of over half of my makeup. I decided that I would only wear makeup and do my hair on days that I REALLY wanted to look good. By doing this I have saved money, time, and stress. I have become more minimalist and frugal, I also stay further away from consumerist America. I challenge you to do the same.



MadCat Instagram Photo
MadCat has natural eyeliner and does not need for this “makeup”.

Man, Woman, Cat (but really, why are you putting makeup on your cat), Anyone!
Black, White, Purple with polka-dots, Anyone! Even if you love using makeup or doing your hair every day, I still challenge you to go a whole month without doing either. You might be surprised at how you feel at the end.

It is important to note that I do still think you should wash and dry / brush / do the basics to your hair as often as you should. I am just referring to all the extra. The hairspray, the heat tools, the cream, the gel, and all the other stuff.


When you wake up, shower and wash your hair like normal, then just towel dry or run a comb through your hair. Another option for your hair is to spray it with protection spray and dry it for just a few minutes. On your face, just use chap-stick. Do this every day for one month.

For the extreme challenge, I would recommend doing the basic challenge until your next hair appointment. At this point, decide if you want to go through with making your life simple. When you get to your hairdresser, have a real talk about what haircut would be the simplest for your hair type. You should come in with a basic understanding of what looks good on you, but the hairdresser will come up with the best of the best. Get your new haircut. Ask your hairdresser the simplest ways to do your hair with the least amount of products and time. Work your new look and keep that makeup off.

Remember: Your hair will grow back. This haircut will just show you what it’s like to have a simple hairstyle that looks good with little effort.


Now! I dare you to start right this second. What better time than now?

If you need something a bit more structured, begin on the first of the upcoming month. (You can end on the last of the month, but we both know you’ll just love it so much, it will never end.)


A getaway to the Little Grand Canyon in Georgia
Hiking is no time for makeup

You should do this challenge anywhere you go. Work, school, dates, working out, interviews even! (I haven’t gone to an interview with makeup on in two years)

The goal of this challenge is to become more comfortable with yourself. The best way to become more comfortable is to put yourself in uncomfortable positions. (isn’t that what yoga is, really.)

* I’ve been told by some that they are getting married this month. That day it is all about you. It’s stressful enough as is. You should do what you are most comfortable with on that day. No reason to make the day more stressful.


First, you are not required to do all those things to leave the home. While we should look presentable, until men are required to wear makeup, why should we? I know many women who think to even go to the store they need to get all their makeup on and hair in perfect order. What would happen if you just brushed your hair and walked out the door?

You may never have the “in style” hair of the season, and that’s OK.  I have fine and very straight hair that will never be long and will never hold a curl. Once I realized that I didn’t need “long gorgeous curly locks” to be pretty, I realized that I was just making my life harder by trying. Now I have short hair that’s easy to style.

*Update August 2017: I have decided to let my hair grow long as short hair takes more styling than I would like! Stay tuned! 

What to do after the month is over:

When your challenge month is over, you need to take a really hard look at how you feel. Did this month help you to save money and time? Did you feel like you were living a simpler life? Did you feel like it is something you could continue?

Regardless of the results, hair and makeup should be personal decisions. You should never feel obligated to wear makeup or not to.  You should never feel like you have to do your hair or that you should go all natural.

Have you ever taken a month off of makeup?
What do you do to your hair every day?

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