FAQ of a small wardrobe… Should I downsize my closet?

If you have ever looked on Pintrest, you have seen things called capsule wardrobes. You may have heard about a thing called Project 333. Have you ever thought about making your wardrobe smaller? Have you ever thought that you have to many clothes and need to get rid of some of some but you didn’t know where to start? A minimalist wardrobe may be of help here. Maybe you think that you can’t just own 30 pieces of clothing. Maybe you wonder why you should live on less. I have thoughts about these questions and more. I hope these questions and responses can help you decide whether or not to try downsizing your wardrobe. If you have already made the decision to downsize take a look at step one here. 


Here are questions often asked in regards to keeping a smaller wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

MadDogge Funny Face Blurry
MadDogge believes in having only the necessities

The capsule wardrobe was created in the 1970s in London by a woman named Susie Faux who at the time owned a shop called Wardrobe. She thought that the wardrobe should be fewer than a dozen items. The wardrobe could be updated with a couple of new trendy or seasonal items a year, however, that was it. Faux thought that the wardrobe should be simple, streamlined, and high-quality and that each piece should be interchangeable. This twelve piece system allowed for saved closet space, simpler choices, and saved money. The modern times have changed, to me, what capsule wardrobe means.

In more modern terms, people can’t live on 12 pieces of clothing alone. Now days we need clothing for work and after work. We also need specialized clothing for working out. That’s why most people adopt the more modern theory. In modern times people still set a limit anywhere between 30 and 100, usually around 30 for the stricter folk, but now it has more room for work and play. These new capsule wardrobes are still about living life simply and spending time and money where it really matters.

What should my clothing limit be?

MadDogge Fashion
MadDogge’s Number is 4

It really does depend on the person and what they need in life. I am of the belief that your limit should reflect your life. There are those who think that it isn’t a capsule unless its 30, 33, 38 items; however, I think that is crazy. There are also those who think that only casual clothing counts and that gym clothing and work clothing isn’t part of your number. If you are going to set a limit and begin downsizing your wardrobe you first need to determine your needs are and what counts. For an example, take a look at my rules.

I set a limit of 80 items for my wardrobe. However, these items are narrowed down further.

  • Work Clothing: 10 Items
  • Casual Clothing 30 Items
  • Shoes: 10
  • Gym Clothing, Accessories, & Shoes: 20 Items
  • Hiking & Hunting Clothing & Shoes: 10 Items

While this seems like a lot of rules and complication to live simply, this is really quite simple given one requirement. Only wear gym clothing when workout out, only wear work clothing when at work, ect. For you, you must determine what you count and what do you not. I feel like my method is an easy starting point, or if you don’t want to keep track of as much start with 50 items. 50 items that cover your work and casual clothing as well as your shoes. If you think that’s to easy, cut the number down. Just remember, it’s about keeping life simple not killing yourself with rules.

How do I keep up with the trends if I have a set number?

tough mudder 2015 2
You were talking about the jean brand? My bad.

You don’t! One great thing about having this kind of closet is that you don’t need to keep up with the trends. It’s the first step in accepting this kind of wardrobe. You should be able to dress in what looks the best and what you like the most. If you want to get a new piece or two a year to keep up slightly, that’s fine. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to simplify your life. You don’t need to wear what others do just because it’s “in style.”

I think of my style as me. I don’t try to label it, but if I did it for sure wouldn’t be “this year’s fashion.”

What do I get out of downsizing?

Cat & Dog - Us
This is the only light jacket I own. Every time I wear it, someone tells me how great I look.

Complements. Really! I have gotten more complements since I downsized than I ever did when I had all of my clothing. It’s simpler to get dressed in the morning, and I often put together a better outfit when I am looking at 30 items instead of 300. I have also saved time and money on shopping. While I spend more per item than I used to, I don’t go shopping much anymore, there’s no need. I learned to embrace and enjoy what I have. I know that my 80 part closet will never be perfect. There will always be more trends and there will always be more that I want. Lastly, having a smaller wardrobe means less stress and more space. MadMan has room in the closet now. I don’t worry about what to pick, I just pick. What is your reason now?

How do I start?

Awesome! I’m glad you are ready to simplify your life. To begin, look at the next post in the series where you will learn how to dump over 50% of your closet and why it is a good thing! Check that out here! 

What is keeping you from downsizing?
What convinced you it was the time?


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