Road to Talking: Frugality for Female Issues

A subject that not many are willing to talk about. The female period. It’s taboo, strange, and wrong, but most importantly it shouldn’t be any of those things. We should be willing to talk about it, we should be willing to share information. If we talked more, there would be less shamming and more acceptance. On average, a woman has her period from three to seven days and the average woman menstruates from age 13 until age 51. That means the average woman endures about 450 periods over more than 35 years. If you start really doing math, that’s an average of 2,280 days. Want even more math? That comes out to over 6 years of a woman’s life. SIX YEARS! That’s six years of enduring something no one expects us to talk about. That’s six years of hushed whispering and “moody” jokes.  

What’s Really Crazy…

The really crazy part about all this is how much better off we would be by talking about it. We could share information, be confident about asking for a tampons, stop the jokes about women on their period, and maybe even find an alternative to normal tampons. That’s what this is all about. An alternative. Tampons, pads, and liners cause so much waist of both money and the planets resources that it seems we should have found a better alternative sooner. The strange thing is, we did. in 1937 the first menstrual cup was created. 1937. These cups are healthier, more environmentally friendly, and even cheaper. So why don’t we use them?

The main reason is that they don’t get enough press coverage (although that is changing quickly.) Another reason, they’re scandalous. Something that you can put inside you AND reuse? It can be cleaned and you don’t need another for over a year?! Over two years! Blasphemy. It’s true though, no scandal here. And, to make matters even better, this isn’t your only option anymore. Now you have organic 100% cotton liners, pads, and tampons available if you can’t use a cup, or would like a backup. It’s time to get real.

I applaud any man whose read this far. 

The Menstrual Cup

This is a picture of a small lunette yellow cup with wipes and soapThis little wonder is something every woman should use, or at least try. I’ll admit, it takes some real getting used to. You have to be okay with your body, you have to be patient with the learning curve. If you give it a go, you might need to try more than one (I had to try two before I found my favorite.) So what are they?

Put simply, a cup is a silicone bowl shaped thing that takes the place of your tampon. According to the place where I currently have a cup from:

The Lunette menstrual cup is a bell-shaped cup that gives you a comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day.
It’s also reusable and lasts several years meaning less time, money and stress!
~ Lunette (it’s one of many brands to choose from)

What do you get from having one of these instead of your regular methods?

  • More money: the average woman spends $7 a month just on sanity supplies. That does not include birth control, ruined panties, or anything else.
    • That comes out to $84 a year or $2940 over the lifetime of your periods. Add a bit of interest into that and we’re basically throwing money down the toilet.
  • Healthier you: Did you know that tampons have tons of chemicals in them? The FDA does not require putting ingredients on female supplies. When tested, some brands can come back with more than 10 chemicals! Why have all that you you can get 100% medical grade silicone?
    • Another point to add is that cups catch, not absorb meaning TTS is less likely and your body is healthier and in check.
  • Happier Planet: have you ever thought about all the packaging you are wasting? What about all the actual supplies you end up throwing away? These cups don’t have any trash after the initial packaging. For a few years at a time! That’s great for our planet.


  • It’s a little more work, but it’s less often (10 – 12 hours instead of 4 – 8)
  • It’s a bit more hands on (you’re female, there will be blood)
  • It can be a bit more complicated in public restrooms where the sink is not in the stall. (Good thing they don’t need to be changed for 10 hours)

Another Option:

Here’s a sampling of the organic supplies I have

Say the cups just don’t work for you. Maybe you need a backup in case of emergency. Why are you still using tampons and pads that are filled with chemicals? You need to invest in some organic tampons and liners. These are much safer for you to use than the normal chemical filled quasi-cotton things you currently use.

You have options. I tried Luna, it just wasn’t my style. It was to expensive for my frugal taste and left something to be desired (to much packaging every month.) The other option is to order from them from Amazon. I got 12 packages of tampons (like above) for $60 not including a 15% discount! I got the liners in a similar way. Now I have more than I’ll need for the next year! (since I also use the cup)

How to get a years worth of tampons and liners for cheap:

  1. go to amazon and search for organic tampons
  2. click on the one that is selling in bulk (mine was 12 packages)
  3. order them on automatic refill for 6 month (you get a 5 to 15% discount)
  4. when they come in, cancel the refill (you probably won’t need more for over the longest refill time)


  • Organic: no chemicals! You know what’s inside you!
  • Same tampon and pantie liner you have been using forever!
  • Less waist than a regular tampon (no plastic shell)


  • There are to casings (I call this good, but some people don’t like blood)
  • Still produces waist (Use the cup! It’s awesome!)

Do you use a cup? Which One?
Have you ever thought about what’s in a tampon?
Do you think companies should have to list ingredients on their package?

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