We’re Engaged!

This will be the first of many posts about getting married, living in a relationship, and dating. I know many people thought that MadMan and I were already married; however, we are not. In fact, we just got engaged! I apologize in advance for the amount of sap that will emanate from this post. 

MadMan planned a whole month of events… Actually over a month!

July 1st, we went for a hike at Pine Mountain to the overlook.
July 4th we went indoor skydiving and spent the day at the lake with MadDogge.
July 10th was spent by the pool (he made sure everything in the house was clean).
July 15th we spent the day by the lake tubing with friends.
July 16th we played video games because we were too sore to move.
July 22nd was spent at an Ice Cream festival, (never again.)
July 23rd he took MadDogge and I to the swimming spot to hang out.
July 30th we spent tubing down a river with one of my best friends
Aug 4th we went on a trip to Gatlinburg, TN for 3 days!

July was a fun month and better yet, it was frugal! I told him, that if he was going to plan to do tons of things to end the summer, we better not spend tons of money. That’s why we only spent money to go indoor skydiving and to Gatlinburg (two very worth it trips.) We spend time enjoying ourselves for free by the pool, hiking, going to a free festival, and tubing with friends on both lakes and rivers. It was wonderful.

From the beginning!

indoor skydivingRight on the first of the month, MadMan woke me up bright and early and had me get on my hiking clothes. He didn’t tell me where we were going, just that we would enjoy it. We got to Pine mountain and hiked the entire trail before lunch. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring our phones that day, so alas, I have no photos. Not ending though, a mere three days later, MadMan had another surprise up his sleeve. Indoor Skydiving.

Indoor skydiving was so much fun, but very painful. Your body is not supposed to be inside a wind tunnel, this I am sure of. MadMan did the best out of any first timer ever (his ego grew very large) and I did not so good (balancing on air just isn’t me thing.) That night, we ate a lovely dinner at home on the back porch, before getting ran in by bugs.

As the month wen’t on, we spent tons of time outside by the pool, lake, and river. Previous to this year, I had never ridden on a real tube on a lake before, and now I am not sure I ever will again. I did amazing, holding on until the tube was literally ripped from my hands, but there were a few scary and dangerous times mixed in there as well. We were both sore for days (MadMan was sore for a whole week.) The pool and the river were much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Half way through the month we sent MadDogge away to bird dog training, where he will be for 2 months. We took time to enjoy our new found freedom and used it to take a trip to Gatlinburg with no problems (MadCat was cared for.)

The Trip

When we went on the trip, I had a feeling this was the weekend. I mean, we had done so much, but this was nicer. 3 days in the mountains, 1 day at Dollywood, a 4 mile hike? It just had to be this weekend. I was right, although MadMan did convince me I was wrong at first.

Short lines. Long lasting memories.

We started the weekend by getting wasted (by complete accident) at a whiskey sampling. We’re both light weights and had not had dinner yet, it was a bad plan overall. We followed it up with a dinner to remember at Dick’s Last Resort where we got treated much nicer than most others (I think they knew we were not completely sober.) After eating and clearing our heads, we decided to do some mini golf, a mirror maze, a Ripley’s museum, and a bit of window shopping. It was a perfect first night. Saturday was spent at Dollywood and Sunday was the big day, the 4 mile hike.

The Question

The man that took our photo snapped this one on accident. Little did he know, I’d find a use for it.

Let me preface with how integral hiking is to our lives. We absolutely love to be outside. In the first half a mile, we crossed the most gorgeous bridge. We stopped, took tons of photos, and were about to go on when MadMan said that he wanted one more. He told me to stand looking out at the river and he would take one like that. Not thinking anything of it, I did. About a minute later he tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around he was on one knee.

He said:

“Will you be my adventure buddy forever?”

I shook my head and said yes!

We were the happiest set of people on that trail that day.

Tell me! How did you get engaged?
What’s your dream engagement?!

2 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!

    1. MadLady

      Thanks so much!
      On a side note: We didn’t realize how busy we would be once we “made it official.” To us it was just another step since we already lived together and had made the decision to spend our lives together.


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