Behind One Mad Life

We are MadLady, MadMan, MadDogge, and MadCat.
At least for the time being.

Cat & Dog - Us
When we achieve financial independence, our masks will come off.

What is One Mad Life?

indoor skydiving
Indoor Skydiving – 2017

One Mad Life is a story of our travels, a chronicle of our journey to financial independence, a journal of progress towards owning a farm, a gathering place for millennials like us, and so much more. We hope you’ll join us in forging a new kind of path in life. We hope that you will learn from us just as we hope to learn from you. We hope, that together, we can change not just our lives and how a “normal life” is perceived, but maybe the world as a whole.

This is a place where travel will be talked about, where frugal tips will be shared, where minimalism will be preached, and where life will be lived. Here I hope we can all plan out how to make it to each of our goals. There will be no judging, and help will always be free. We’re always happy to listen, help, and cheer you on, no matter whether it’s minimalism, early retirement, living frugal, or other.

Who are MadLady and ManMan?

Dreaming Millennials in search of a life different from those that came before us. We live in an apartment in OTP Atlanta. We go to college, we work all day, and we try to have fun. Our goal is financial independence by 35 while traveling the world on weekends and owning an organic event farm.

10 Fun Facts About Us:

  1. We met July of 2014, Got Engaged August of 2017, and will get married May of 2018!
  2. We took our future into our hands in 2017. We plan to hit all our goals by 2027.
  3. We’re both in college while working full time.
  4. We have no small humans, just a cat and a dog.
  5. We’re obsessed with the Great Outdoors and want an organic event farm.
  6. We want to travel the world one day exploring new cities every season.
  7. We live in Atlanta but want to move to Portland in 2018.
  8. We never eat fast food and home cook almost every meal.
  9. Some people say we want to do too much, others call us ambitious and eclectic.
  10. MadLady is the creator and voice of the blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



Fme.jpgun Facts About MadLady:

– Only child in a small family.
– Dreams of saving the world through peace and recycling.
– Loves adventure and video games equally.
– Hates modern reliance on cell phones.
– Still doesn’t have Snapchat.
– Only has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because of the blog.
– Likes food to much to have a favorite food.
– Wants a farms worth of animals when older.


new orleansFun Facts About MadMan:

– From a huge family with many relatives
– Works in Construction Management. Will own his own firm one day.
– Building computers and working on technology is a favorite hobby.
– Loves goal based video games and hiking mountains. (Goal driven comes to mind)
– Doesn’t understand Facebook or why anyone uses it. Doesn’t have an Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter either.
– Was skeptical at first, but now likes the cat more than he’ll admit.



MadCat Instagram PhotoFun Facts about MadCat:

– Long-haired grey shelter cat.
– Born in March of 2015.
– Back legs are bowed, she can’t jump high and runs funny. (Nothing bad for her health, feel free to laugh)
– Loves biting attacking MadDogge while he is napping on the ground.
– Can hear a treat can from miles away
– Loves to travel in the car and visit new places.




Fun Facts about MadDogge:

– Pure Vizsla born on April 1, 2016
– Not trained in English
– In training to hunt birds
– Talks more than a human child, gets treated better than one too.
– You’ll never see a dog that loves toys so much.
– Loves MadLady more. (MadMan disagrees)



Thanks for getting to know us! We can’t wait to get to know you!

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