Saving on Invitations

As you know, we tend to laugh at tradition as we go through life. We see most traditions as a way for companies to get more money under the guise that it just must be done, not that it need be. Engaged, we are going through each step of the wedding process and talking about it here with the same mindset. We are trying to give advice on how we saved money yet still got the stuff of our dreams to the best of our abilities. From the venue and the dress to the invitations and eventually the photos. This week, we dealt with the invitations.Why do it old fashion and "by the book" when technology could save you thousands?

The Wedding Dress.

In short, Wedding dresses should not cost as much as they do. If you know where to look, you might be able to get a steal like I did for something more "traditional." If not, who said you even need a white dress? Why not wear a sun dress or a cruise type formal dress? There are many things you can do with your dress after your wedding from get money back to make something new or even help someone. It's time to make weddings less consumerist and more celebration. It's time to make them about the couple and not about spending money. 

The Un-Copyright

Everything I have ever made is now uncopyrighted. I've given up control and released them into the world. They are in the domain of the public. What does this mean for you?  For you, this means you don't have to ask for my permission to use anything. Use my content (posts, images, books, music, whatever) however you want! Email it, share it, change it, add vulgar language, and reprint it with or without credit. It's all good. While I would still love attribution, and a lack of vulgar language, it's not required. Did you get a hold of any of my photography, books, or other sold items? Feel free to pass them out. I would love if you gave a starving artist some lunch money, but I won't be offended if you don't.

It’s About Being Aware of Yourself

Mindfulness is about being aware. It's about being aware of yourself, your world, your friends, your tasks, your dreams, life, and everything else. When you list everything out like that, it can get a bit overwhelming. For that reason, let's just focus on "being aware of yourself" for now. Being aware of yourself can be anything from knowing you don't like kale to realizing that going to church every Sunday (maybe any Sunday) just isn't for you. It's about learning to do you, even if those around you say it's going to fail. It's about learning to accept failure and push to try again or something new. Can you really do all those things through mindfulness, just by thinking? Yes, yes you can. 

My Depression Fix*

Mindfulness is something I would tell everyone to get into. There is, however, one group of people, that in my opinion, need it the most. As someone who has been labeled depresses, bipolar, OCD, and ADHD at one point in my life, I think those with mental health issues need mindfulness the most. It's better than any medicine I've ever had. It's natural and really connects you to yourself, as well as others. Give a read about this "alternative medicine" here.

The Minimal Questions

Minimalism can be confusing and complicated. My story will not be yours and yours will not be mine. Everyone rules will be different. All of this said, you have questions. I'll try to answer them. Hopefully I'll help you a little. ... If you've looked at the Minimalist page on my site, you may (I would guess you do since you're here) still have some questions about minimalism. That page tells my story. Each story is different and now you may have questions. Here are a few that are common to those new to the concept. 

Traveling with Pets

If you need to know how to bring a pet on vacation, you have come to the right place. This isn't a list of things to bring when you take Fido, but rather information on how to bring Fido. What to think about, what rules to look, and what laws may exist depending on where you go. If you read through, you might even fine a code or two for discounts! Have you ever wondered what to do when you bring Fifi? Have you ever wondered how to travel to another nation? ... If you've ever tired to go on a vacation with a pet unprepared, you know how hit and miss everything can be. Whether you are driving, flying, cruising, or biking there are different rules and regulations based on where you begin, where you plan to go, and where you end. For basic travel tips, see here. For pet only traveling advice, keep reading. My own experience in traveling with a pet involves a small MadDogge... When we got MadDogge we were told Hilton Head was a great place for dogs. Everyone said Hilton Head allowed dogs everywhere. So off we went with only an AirBnB for planning. Turns out, they weren't exactly right. You couldn't bring a puppy anywhere on that island except for the beach after 6 pm. There were a few overpriced eateries that allowed pets, a dog park, and a lot of nothing. While it ended up being a fun trip, it was not the trip we had in mind. Since then, we have learned how to do our research.  

Ten [Easy] Ways to be More Mindful Throughout the Day

If you've ever wanted mindful meditation to be a part of your life without the two hour or even ten minute meditation sessions, read these ten tips. These ten things are ways to bring mindful thinking into your every day life without making you go much out of your way or change any plans. These came about after a talk with a friend. This friend was over stressed and gaining weight. She didn't know what do do first. My bit of advise: before even eating right and working out, you must come to terms with your stress. Mindful thinking will help you not only be happier, but accept when you are not. It helps you be more aware of yourself and your environment. ... Recently I spoke to a friend who had been gaining weight due to stress. She asked how she could begin to go back to the way she was. I asked if she was still stressed often and she told me she was. She told me she was often worried and upset. I told her to being by taking care of the root of the problem. Before she could really begin loosing weight via a healthy diet and excessive, she would have to take care of her stress. I told her to look into mindful thinking. I even told her to look at my site (hello friend if your here). While some people think that to be mindful you need to meditate for hours on end, there are many ways to bring stress relief and mental awareness into every day life. Today, I've listed ten great ways to be more aware, happier, and present during the day. If you aren't sure about this whole mindful thing yet, check out this.