5 Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your New Rental in Good Shape on a Budget.

Rentals are complicated, overpriced, and steal money from under your nose (or is that just us?) We only live in one since we can't afford a house. That aside, we are about to move (again). For that reason, I thought I'd do a two part frugal series on how to save money when living in a rental. In particular, how to get that deposit back and not pay more when you move both upon move in and when moving out. This post will focus on things you can do upon move in, things that will save the cleanliness of the house over the duration of your life there. The post coming Monday will be written by MadMan (you read that right) and will focus on money saving tips to save your place and make it as clean as possible.

Paying More Now to Save More Later.

It's been hard to post regularly since November when I got lasik. Since then it's been one wild ride filled with changing plans, holidays, birthdays, college classes, and traveling. It's gone back to normal however and I plan to write and publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Guidelines I have set for myself to make this a more regular thing. I hope you enjoy!  Back to that lasik thing, a really expensive surgery that is considered cosmetic. Why did a frugal person like me get it? Mostly, because it will save me more money over my life than it will cost up front. (not to mention all the hassle) That said, I think we should look into spending more up front before just opting for the cheaper option. I think sometimes, the savings might be a little harder to see, but they are there.

New YearNew Lifestyle: Why resolutions don't work and how to change you habits.

New Year, New Lifestyle: Why resolutions don’t work and how to change you habits.

We don't have resolutions in my house. Each New Year's we take a look our life and see how it fits with us and what we should improve. You see, for the most part, new years resolutions are things you think you should be doing, they're not always things you are really determined to do. If they were, you might have begun them before a new year. How then, do we change who we are? 

FIRE (Financial Independence / Retiring Early) and Privilege

Financial independence is attainable by anyone young or even middle age. The truth is older people might have already hit financial Independence without knowing or they're close to normal retirement already. My father could retire now with a few life style changes or he could retire for good in less than 5 years for example, and he's not even 60. So what of privilege, does how you were born take any role in your ability to save? In this day and age, I don't think it does, at least not the normal way. This is the second, in what I didn't think would be more than one post about anyone being able to do any of the topics on my site. Previous to this I talked about how anyone can use minimalism (look at us and our past.)

Then Things to Stop Doing if you Want to Save Money

Things to Stop Doing if You Want Financial Independence

I was trying to write about why everyone should be able to reach FI when I thought about this. Then this just had to be written first. It's a short read. Look out for that other thing in two to three days.  Here's the thing. I think anyone can reach FI, I really do. I think there's also a line between saving every penny you get and enjoying life. On the other hand, there are a few things that you need to stop if you really want to reach your goal. Here's a list. 

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Finding a New (Just Right) Home

How much space does one human need? What about one human and a dog? What if half way through the lease someone moves in with you? What if you adopt two cats, what then? This post talks about space. Minimalism in your space, which can also lead to savings in your bill, more traveling, and a happier life. Seems dramatic? Maybe, but it's all true. This is a post about living life in your first space. 

10 Simple Ways to Make Life Simpler

Life has always been and will always be a little complicated. Some people have it worse than others but we all struggle with something. It might be what to eat, the job we have, how to meet our deadlines, or even how to keep a roof over our heads. The goal here isn't to solve those problems, but to make life around them simpler, thereby making it easier to deal with them. Here are ten ways that everyone can use to make life just a little bit simpler, easier.