Traveling with Pets

If you need to know how to bring a pet on vacation, you have come to the right place. This isn't a list of things to bring when you take Fido, but rather information on how to bring Fido. What to think about, what rules to look, and what laws may exist depending on where you go. If you read through, you might even fine a code or two for discounts! Have you ever wondered what to do when you bring Fifi? Have you ever wondered how to travel to another nation? ... If you've ever tired to go on a vacation with a pet unprepared, you know how hit and miss everything can be. Whether you are driving, flying, cruising, or biking there are different rules and regulations based on where you begin, where you plan to go, and where you end. For basic travel tips, see here. For pet only traveling advice, keep reading. My own experience in traveling with a pet involves a small MadDogge... When we got MadDogge we were told Hilton Head was a great place for dogs. Everyone said Hilton Head allowed dogs everywhere. So off we went with only an AirBnB for planning. Turns out, they weren't exactly right. You couldn't bring a puppy anywhere on that island except for the beach after 6 pm. There were a few overpriced eateries that allowed pets, a dog park, and a lot of nothing. While it ended up being a fun trip, it was not the trip we had in mind. Since then, we have learned how to do our research.  

Dog Toys for a Toy Lover… on a Budget?!

We have a vizsla. More specifically, MadDogge is a 60lb male vizsla that loves toys more than any dog should. We got him when he was just a young puppy and have had him ever since. When I first learned how much MadDogge loved toys, we had a hard time keeping up with his demand. He could tear up a box of toys before you could blink. Over time we learned a few things and he calmed down (teething was awful). If you are having trouble keeping you pet entertained on a budget, you've come to the right place. Tip #1: Don't shop at Petsmart.