A Frugal Wedding: 5 Sure Tips to Trim the Cost

Wedding lists are all over the internet, yet here I am adding another, why? Recently, I saw a wedding article about how a wedding from 1970 just isn't possible anymore. You can read it by clicking here. This post argues a different look. A look into why, why we need all those things and if it is indeed possible to get everything for less, or do it yourself. It's tips of a sort. Tips on how to ensure a cheap ahem, frugal wedding, a minimalist wedding, or just a wedding away from debt.  This is a continuation of the Marriage series under the Life section of our site. MadMan and I are in the middle of getting married with a budget of less than $10k! You can read all about our engagement, picking a venue, getting a dress, and getting invitations and how to save on each of them by clicking on those links! 

Saving on Invitations

As you know, we tend to laugh at tradition as we go through life. We see most traditions as a way for companies to get more money under the guise that it just must be done, not that it need be. Engaged, we are going through each step of the wedding process and talking about it here with the same mindset. We are trying to give advice on how we saved money yet still got the stuff of our dreams to the best of our abilities. From the venue and the dress to the invitations and eventually the photos. This week, we dealt with the invitations.Why do it old fashion and "by the book" when technology could save you thousands?

The Wedding Dress.

In short, Wedding dresses should not cost as much as they do. If you know where to look, you might be able to get a steal like I did for something more "traditional." If not, who said you even need a white dress? Why not wear a sun dress or a cruise type formal dress? There are many things you can do with your dress after your wedding from get money back to make something new or even help someone. It's time to make weddings less consumerist and more celebration. It's time to make them about the couple and not about spending money. 

Our Wedding Venue & How to Find and Save on Yours

We got engaged in early august during a trip to Gatlinburg and The Great Smokey Mountains and decided to have a 9 month engagement with us getting married in May. That meant getting right to work. We picked our wedding party, what type of suits the men would have, the style of dress for the bridesmaids, and the theme of the wedding in no time flat. What came next was the venue. We knew we needed to have something picked out right away so we emailed a bunch of places to get pricing and set up viewing. That's when we realized how crazy weddings are. The average wedding costs well over $10k in the US. Our budget on the other hand is well less than $5k. This post will tell you how we got our site, how to save on yours, and how to pick yours.