New YearNew Lifestyle: Why resolutions don't work and how to change you habits.

New Year, New Lifestyle: Why resolutions don’t work and how to change you habits.

We don't have resolutions in my house. Each New Year's we take a look our life and see how it fits with us and what we should improve. You see, for the most part, new years resolutions are things you think you should be doing, they're not always things you are really determined to do. If they were, you might have begun them before a new year. How then, do we change who we are? 

Mindfulness in Your Workout

Do you want a way to improve the results of your workout while also improving how you feel? Try mindfulness. We've all been there, zoning out to our favorite tunes, show, or book during a bike ride or maybe lift set. Sometime's it's necessary and maybe good for you. Maybe you need to relax, zone out, and work out your stress while running on a treadmill or elliptical or biking on a stationary bike. Yet, when you're too distracted, you lose the connection to the real world, with what you are doing in the moment. You loose the feeling of the workout, the power, and the accomplishment as you get closer to your goal.  As you add mindfulness to your regular workouts, you also gain a few more benefits that we all could use more of. 

Are You Happy? Realizations about Work.

I'm really lucky. Between my family and MadMan I have no need to worry about money in college, or even after. Yet, I love working. Recently I realized that I was about to work myself out of a job, and I was happy about that. The problem, I had just been denied for the last job that would have kept me with no time off. I also realized that while I am good at giving advice, I don't always follow it. This is a story about two days, (a few days ago). A culmination of events that lead to a revelation.

It’s About Being Aware of Yourself

Mindfulness is about being aware. It's about being aware of yourself, your world, your friends, your tasks, your dreams, life, and everything else. When you list everything out like that, it can get a bit overwhelming. For that reason, let's just focus on "being aware of yourself" for now. Being aware of yourself can be anything from knowing you don't like kale to realizing that going to church every Sunday (maybe any Sunday) just isn't for you. It's about learning to do you, even if those around you say it's going to fail. It's about learning to accept failure and push to try again or something new. Can you really do all those things through mindfulness, just by thinking? Yes, yes you can. 

My Depression Fix*

Mindfulness is something I would tell everyone to get into. There is, however, one group of people, that in my opinion, need it the most. As someone who has been labeled depresses, bipolar, OCD, and ADHD at one point in my life, I think those with mental health issues need mindfulness the most. It's better than any medicine I've ever had. It's natural and really connects you to yourself, as well as others. Give a read about this "alternative medicine" here.

Ten [Easy] Ways to be More Mindful Throughout the Day

If you've ever wanted mindful meditation to be a part of your life without the two hour or even ten minute meditation sessions, read these ten tips. These ten things are ways to bring mindful thinking into your every day life without making you go much out of your way or change any plans. These came about after a talk with a friend. This friend was over stressed and gaining weight. She didn't know what do do first. My bit of advise: before even eating right and working out, you must come to terms with your stress. Mindful thinking will help you not only be happier, but accept when you are not. It helps you be more aware of yourself and your environment. ... Recently I spoke to a friend who had been gaining weight due to stress. She asked how she could begin to go back to the way she was. I asked if she was still stressed often and she told me she was. She told me she was often worried and upset. I told her to being by taking care of the root of the problem. Before she could really begin loosing weight via a healthy diet and excessive, she would have to take care of her stress. I told her to look into mindful thinking. I even told her to look at my site (hello friend if your here). While some people think that to be mindful you need to meditate for hours on end, there are many ways to bring stress relief and mental awareness into every day life. Today, I've listed ten great ways to be more aware, happier, and present during the day. If you aren't sure about this whole mindful thing yet, check out this.