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Finding a New (Just Right) Home

How much space does one human need? What about one human and a dog? What if half way through the lease someone moves in with you? What if you adopt two cats, what then? This post talks about space. Minimalism in your space, which can also lead to savings in your bill, more traveling, and a happier life. Seems dramatic? Maybe, but it's all true. This is a post about living life in your first space. 

How to Make Christmas Mean More!

It's about to be past Halloween which means retailers will be going right into Christmas, bypassing Thanksgiving all together in some places. That's why, today, before that happens, I am urging you to try something new. This is my case against presents. It's infused with the arguments of other bloggers, celebrities, and humans. Think about it, decide, maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. 

The Wedding Dress.

In short, Wedding dresses should not cost as much as they do. If you know where to look, you might be able to get a steal like I did for something more "traditional." If not, who said you even need a white dress? Why not wear a sun dress or a cruise type formal dress? There are many things you can do with your dress after your wedding from get money back to make something new or even help someone. It's time to make weddings less consumerist and more celebration. It's time to make them about the couple and not about spending money. 

Are You Happy? Realizations about Work.

I'm really lucky. Between my family and MadMan I have no need to worry about money in college, or even after. Yet, I love working. Recently I realized that I was about to work myself out of a job, and I was happy about that. The problem, I had just been denied for the last job that would have kept me with no time off. I also realized that while I am good at giving advice, I don't always follow it. This is a story about two days, (a few days ago). A culmination of events that lead to a revelation.

The Minimal Questions

Minimalism can be confusing and complicated. My story will not be yours and yours will not be mine. Everyone rules will be different. All of this said, you have questions. I'll try to answer them. Hopefully I'll help you a little. ... If you've looked at the Minimalist page on my site, you may (I would guess you do since you're here) still have some questions about minimalism. That page tells my story. Each story is different and now you may have questions. Here are a few that are common to those new to the concept. 

Basic Buildup: Capsule Closet Step III

So you know your colors. You've disposed of your "trash." You've taken the plunge. Now it's time to build back up your closet (not all the way back up). You're goal now is to have a functioning minimalist closet that you can work and go casual out of in a maximum of 50 items. See the previous FAQ for information about that number. In this post, we will look at what basics everyone needs, how to add your style to the basics, and how to limit the number of shoes you own (it can be really hard.)

Your Wardrobe of Colors: Capsule Closet Step II

You now have the basics in your closet. You only have items that you like and that fit. You have taken at least 10 bags of clothing to goodwill (was that just me?) and you feel your arms getting stronger. Back to the point, it's time for step two. In this step you will take a look at your closet to identify the base and highlight colors your wardrobe will consist of. You will pick a staple, and go through your closet again. This is where the real results are going to become visible. 

Getting Rid of Trash: Capsule Closet Step I

If you've ever been overwhelmed by the amount of clothing you have, minimalism will help. Previous to this we have talked about why one should minimalism their closet and that they even means. In this post we will take the first real step towards a great closet. In this post we will get rid of items that don't fit and haven't been worn. If you have already purged your closet, you can move onto the next step, Color Charts & Themes.