This section of our site is a bit different. While Frugality looks into how to save money and Minimalism looks into having less, Life looks into life. Life will have articles about going to college, graduation from college, picking your first apartment, getting married, having children, buying a house, selling a house, and more with the One Mad Life filter on it, as they happen!

Our hope is that you can learn how to combine minimalism, frugality, financial independence, mindful thinking, and even traveling into a lifestyle that could even make Eeyore happy. While most of our site tries to put the main focus on one topic at a time, this section will combine everything to give you advise on how to make it through tasks and events in life.

Keep reading for why we live using the five things we talk about on this site and how Life will get you started in using them all together yourself. Scroll to the bottom for posts that can help you or give you advice on life.

[Blank] alone isn’t enough!

[Fill in the black with one of: minimalism, frugality, financial independence, mindful thinking, traveling ]

Portland 2017 - Hiking in Forest Park
For us, hiking employs traveling, minimalism, thinking about ones self, and even traveling cheap.

MadMan and I are millennials. Yet, that is not all we are, we are also a couple, we are environmentalists, we are US citizens, and we are college students (right now at least). Just using one of those descriptors can not get you a full look at us just as using on of the topic I talk about will not get you the fullest picture of life.

When you are minimalist, you should also be frugal. When you are those two, why not save more? If you are that focused on being happy, why not be mindful each and ever day? Lastly, with this extra money, little possessions, and many frugal skills, why not travel a little more? Get out there and see the world.

In our opinion, this is the ideal life. While living this way may not be for everyone, I would challenge that it really is. After all, I’ve never met someone what said they wanted less savings, more waist, less fulfillment, and less happiness.

A Short Blurb…

In case you can be as lazy I can be, I have included short blurbs about each of our five [other] sections on this website. Just a short summary of what we think it is and how we think it helps. If you’ve read all our other pages, feel free to scroll down past these to get to the real meat.


Minimalism is about living more life with less. Yet, it does not mean you must get rid of everything. Some people will have more clothes and less books while others will only have 100 things total. It’s not a contest, but a way to worry less. Click here for an FAQ on minimalism, it has answers to the questions I get the most.


Jul 2017 (4)
Where to find cheap dog toys is just one topic we talk about.

Being frugal is directly connected to being a minimalist. Most people are both, not just one or the other, though this is not always the case. For us, being frugal is about deciding on what we really need, how we can get it, and getting a good quality item. Being frugal does not mean getting junk because it is cheap. For an example, I would rather have two or three pairs of pants for $50 each that will last years over a multitude of second hand pants purchased for $20 over the years.

Financial Independence

Trees in Portland
We dream of a west coast home.

We view this as a method to do what we love, not a retirement plan. Just like the two above, this should be tailored to the user and maybe your version looks nothing like mine. In short, by the age of 35 we want to have enough saved up that we are no longer working to make money, but working to enjoy life. We plan to work in construction and marketing while homeschooling (maybe) children and owning an organic event farm on the west coast. What does your look like?

Mindful Thinking

Mindful thinking is how you ignore society and listen to the inner voices you are taught to ignore. Mindful thinking helps you accept you emotions, become happier, form deeper connections, and truly understand yourself and others. I use mindful thinking to be more present and control my emotions.


It might be bare right now, but just wait. (July 2017 pin map)

Traveling is good for the soul. It’s a way to see lifestyles other than yours, places you’ve never been, and experience new things. Travel and vacation is a way to relax, start over, clear your mind, and enjoy life. We believe in traveling at least once a season when we can. For us, it’s a quarterly reset, even if you only leave for a weekend. We have a map with pins of our travels as a couple and hope that it’s too full for a new pin one day.

The Real Meat!

Here it is, the topics on life we’ve written about. These happen real time, right now MadMan and I are planning a wedding, so expect lots of wedding planning to show up! Soon, we’ll be moving and finding jobs, so stay tuned!


  • Picking a College and Major – A short, mindful, look into how to pick a college, what major to choose, and if you should even go. Coming Soon! 


  • Our Engagement – Just a piece about us. Not really any information unless you want to hear our story.
  • Picking a Venue – A frugal look at finding a venue. A look into our lives and the luck we had finding ours. What to look for in your own venue.
  • The Dress. – Finding a wedding dress for your event and what to do with it after the wedding.

Your Work Life:

The First Apartment:

  • Buying things for  your first place – A simplified list, minimalist style.
  • Signing the First Lease: A story of minimalism, saving money, and the signs to look out for in an apartment. (Also, some photos of our home) Coming Soon! 

Don’t Forget!

If you ever need help, go on over to the contact us page and ask away. We love connecting with our readers and while we’re still figuring life out ourselves, we’ll do our best to help you with yours!

At the very least, you’ll get a photo of a cat. Cats make everything better.

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