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We’re simple people, after all, our tag line here on One Mad Life is:

Life is Mad.
It’s Time to Simplify.

I think that the five things we talk about on this site (minimalism, frugality, mindfulness, financial independence, and travel) can be nicely summed up into one philosophy that I follow.

The end goal of our lives is to be happy
and help the world and others as much as we can. 

I think that in the end, most people want a life like this (but I am a glass half full person.) If we all tried to live lives full of value and helpfulness, what would the world look like in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

I think we could make quite the turn around.

All talking aside, this is Life. It’s a section of our site that combines everything else we talk about into posts on real world subjects from going to college to getting married and eventually buying a house and having kids.

It’s real time, so you might have to wait a few years on the last two.

A Short Blurb…

In case you can be as lazy I can be, I have included short blurbs about each of our five [other] sections on this website. Just a short summary of what we think it is and how we think it helps. If you’ve read all our other pages, feel free to scroll down past these to get to the real meat.


Minimalism begin happy with what you have and knowing what makes you happy. It’s a way to worry less, clean less, and live more. While some would say it’s about having less, that might not be true for you. Click here for an FAQ on our thoughts on minimalism, it has answers to the questions I get the most.


Jul 2017 (4)
Where to find cheap dog toys is just one topic we talk about.

Being frugal is about deciding on what we really need, how we can get it, and getting a good quality item. Being frugal does not mean getting junk because it is cheap or not getting it at all because it costs to much. It’s about waying pros and cons to determine what is best. It goes hand in hand with minimalism.

Financial Independence

Trees in Portland
We dream of a west coast home.

We view this as a method to do what we love, not a retirement plan. In short, by the age of 35 we want to have enough saved up that we are no longer working to make money, but working to enjoy life. We plan to work in construction and marketing while homeschooling (maybe) children and owning an organic event farm on the west coast.

What does your FI look like?

Mindful Thinking

Mindful thinking helps you accept you emotions, become happier, form deeper connections, and truly understand yourself and others. It helps you pay more attention and grow as a person mentally.


It might be bare right now, but just wait. (July 2017 pin map)

Traveling is the closest you can get to stepping into the shoes of another culture. You can relax, enjoy, learn, help, and teach. It’s a way to connect, take a break, and live more. Traveling is good for the soul.

The Real Meat!

Here it is, the topics on life we’ve written about. These happen real time, right now MadMan and I are planning a wedding, so expect lots of wedding planning to show up! Soon, we’ll be moving and finding jobs, so stay tuned!

The Philosophy of a Simple Life:


  • Your First Dorm – Coming Soon!
  • Study Abroad – Coming Soon!


Your Work Life:

The First Apartment:

One Mad Life Updates:

  • Six Months Later – We’ve been blogging for six months! Here’s an update!

Don’t Forget!

If you ever need help, go on over to the contact us page and ask away. We love connecting with our readers and while we’re still figuring life out ourselves, we’ll do our best to help you with yours!

At the very least, you’ll get a photo of a cat. Cats make everything better.

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