Mindful Thinking

Mindful thinking is my number one way to simplify the day. If you wish to be a happier person with less to worry about, this is a topic you need to get on right now. If you’re like me and suffer from intense mood swings, then you should get reading. While I still have mood swings, I don’t take medicine anymore and mindful thinking has helped me get there. (I’m no doctor, please don’t stop taking your meds before talking to one). I’ve talked about the basics of mindful thinking here. Read or scroll to the bottom to view topic for further reading and other blogs that may help you on your way to a happier life. 

What does a photo of a cow have to do with mindful thinking? A lot. And nothing. The featured photo is from MadMan’s family farm. With each post, I try to pick a semi-related photo of nature at it’s most simple to be a featured photo. This time I picked these cows. We’ll get more into that later.

The Basics: What is Mindful Thinking

MadDogge frowning
MadDogge is aware that he wants the ball. MadDogge has become the ball.

In simplest terms, mindful thinking is being aware of what you are thinking. However, it’s also so much more than that. Mindful thinking is accepting how you feel, thinking about how you feel, and maybe even changing how you feel. It’s akin to always trying to meditate.

Being mindlessness is the other end of the spectrum. It’s not an insult though, more like something most of us do everyday. Think about the last time you brushed your teeth. Did you think about anything? Do you even remember your most recent drive home from work? These are events of mindlessness or autopilot. We as humans spent a great deal of our time and lives in autopilot, sometimes only coming out to say hi. I know there are whole days when sometimes I stay in autopilot. Mindfulness is a way to deal with this.

MadCat could use a few lessons on staying calm.

Have you ever wanted to work at staying more calm? Do you have what people call a short fuse? Maybe you just want to learn to judge less. These too are things that mindfulness can fix over time. Now, I’m not saying that mindfulness will fix everything, but I am saying that thinking about what you are thinking about is healthy for you.

Thinking about what you are thinking about…

Say that five times fast.

hilton head 2016
I’ve always wondered what MadDogge thought when he saw the ocean fro the first time.

In short, Mindful thinking is thinking about what you are thinking about. It’s acknowledging what you are feeling, thinking, and believing, but being open and calm whilst doing so. For example, say your mad about the doctor begin late. Rather than jump into anger, acknowledge that you are upset. Think about why you are upset, think about how worth being upset the situation is. Then think about if it’s worth feeling the way you are feeling. Most of the time, you will realize that there is nothing that you can do for yourself by being angry. Most of the time you will realize that being calm will get you the furthest and keep you from ruining your own day.

About those cows…

Large donkey
Farm Donkey Dixie. Protector of the Cows.

If you have ever been to a working farm, you will know that most adult cows care about nothing. They’ll move if you get to close but for the most part just sit around and exist. Baby cows on the other hand have quite a personality. They’re jumpy, playful, and very fearful and angry on the drop of a hat. Look at this as a spectrum.

You might not remember driving home, you’re the adult cow. Not thinking, just existing. You get very mad about the doctor being late, you’re the baby cow. Again, not really thinking, but in a different way. The goal of mindful thinking is to be in the middle or at least away from the two ends. The goal is to never “just exist” but rather to be present in every moment, thinking. But, why would you think about what you think about?


What comes from not zoning out and staying calm?

  • Less Stress
  • Better Memories
  • More Memories
  • More Friends
  • Better Opertunities
  • Happier Times

What bad comes from mindful thinking?

  • You can’t just zone out to pass time anymore
  • You have to relearn how you think

What come from thinking about what you think about?

  • Awareness of yourself
  • A deeper understanding of how you feel about yourself and others
  • An easier time formulating how you feel into words
  • Acceptance of your position as well as others

In summary, I practice mindful thinking because I have quite a temper. I practice because I zone out on car rides and look at Facebook to pass time a bit to much. As I practice, I learn how to stay calm, I acknowledge my feelings and learn when to change them. I not only learn better ways to think but also happier ways to live.

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