With the other topics I write about so often, where did traveling come from? How does traveling make life simpler? Traveling makes life happier. A happy life is a simple life. After all, you can own one pair of shoes and never have to choose which shoes to wear, but if you’re not happy, is it really worth being that simple? We view traveling the same way. We look at traveling as a way to stay happy, learn, and relax. As with the rest of our sections, read or scroll to the bottom to begin reading other posts and to find other writers who travel. 

As engaged college students, we don’t travel that often. When we do, we want to make sure that we are getting the most enjoyment we can. We use multiple sites to do this and conduct a lot of research before we go. When we get back, we write it all in one post so that if you wish to travel to the same place we did, you already have a starting point. We hope to help with simplifying not only regular life, but your travels as well.

Take Time to Travel

canva-photo-editor (73)
A vacation doesn’t have to be pricey, deals are everywhere!

You may be trying to save money for a home or maybe to retire early but you need to travel. At least save up to visit a nearby city and have a stay-cation. Why? Traveling is a reset. It’s a set time where you don’t have to work, don’t have to worry, and don’t have to clean or do anything hard for yourself.

Traveling is VACATION. Everyone needs vacation. Even if you just take two days off work and watch movies at home, it’s needed to really get to work. Some of my most motivated work comes when I get back from a vacation. It’s like going on vacation then coming back reminds me of why I am working. (to take more vacations of course)

Make a vacation jar (or budget):

hilton head 2016
This was a two day trip to our closest beach. We might not have spent much, but we got the relaxation we needed.

We have a set budget for everything. 30% in savings, 30% in bills & rent, and 40% is divided between numerous other things, including a vacation budget. This budget just makes sure that we are saving a certain amount each month so that we can enjoy life now while saving for later.

This is important. You can save for latter all you want, but what are you doing now? Life isn’t just about saving for later, you need to live life now to make later worth anything. If you’ve read about our frugal adventures, you know that we tried only saving. It made us miserable.

The Pro’s of Traveling?

DO I even need to list these out? Probably not, but in case you aren’t sold on spending now to enjoy later, here you go:

  • Time away from responsibilities
  • Time with family to connect further
  • Time to get closet to your live (we all know work puts stress on relationships)
  • Disconnect from normal life and feel refreshed
  • Learn about somewhere new
  • See new places
  • Make new memories

Need I go on?

The con’s of Traveling:

  • You will spend money

That’s all. Money spent for more memories, seeing and learning about new places, time away from work and responsibility, time with family and friends, time getting closer to the one you live. Is the money worth it?

Ready to Travel? Read these for tips on how to travel and where to save:

  • Ten Top Tips – Traveling isn’t complicated. This is the only list for saving you will ever needs. Simple.
  • Traveling with a pet – Not a list of things to bring, but a guide on where to start. There are even a few discount links thrown in to help you save! (Coming soon!)

Need Ideas of where to go and what to do? We got ya.

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Where do you love to visit?
What’s your best vacation memory?
What’s number one on your travel bucket list?